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- alpine ridge rugged 3 room Tent how do i set it up ? Please someone help us!!!?
Going camping this week i have a alpine ridge rugged 3 room Tent with no directions how do i set it up

A I could not find an image of that tent specifically it being an older model. Most Wenzal tents are dome style, you insert the poles through the sleeves of the tents and arc the poles and clip the ends into a ring-pin at the floor of the tent. I suggest you look at the different Wenzal tents and compare them with what you have, lay it out on the ground an go for it.
- Help, what tent am I looking for? Need a tall one.?
We are a family of 4 looking for a 2 room tent. We would like a tent that is fairly tall, so you can almost stand in it. Is there a tent out there like that. We dont want to spend $500 but want a good tent that will not fall apart, yet keep us dry and warm. Please help!!

A Eureka tents have several really high quality family tents. This first link for a Tetragon 1610 is a 3 room tent, but an excellent buy! It has great reviews and an additional $30 rebate if you buy it before July 31, 2009. http://www.ultimatetentstore.com/store-products-40834-Eureka-Tetragon-1610_41440742.html This link for a Eureka Headquarters is a 5 person, 2 room tent. It's a great tent and a little smaller, but not as inexpensive. http://www.ultimatetentstore.com/store-products-37224-Eureka-Headquarters_41440724.html

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